Are You a Women Entrepreneur? Here Are Some Terms You Need to Know

Are You a Women Entrepreneur? Here Are Some Terms You Need to Know

When women start a business, they pave the way for an equal society. Discover the essential terms involving female entrepreneurship here.

The former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said one day: “Women. Even in developing countries like India, the percentage of women entrepreneurs is still only by 23.3%. There is certainly a long way to go for women who want to succeed in the business world.

However, success as an entrepreneur also brings surprising rewards. So, if you are an enterprising woman or want to enter the world of entrepreneurship, you need to familiarize yourself with the terms that can help you on the path to success.

Women Entrepreneur: A Trailblazer in a Male-Dominated Arena

Women Entrepreneur


As a women entrepreneur, you are taking charge and carving a path for yourself in a field that has historically been dominated by men. Your determination and resilience set you apart as you break through gender barriers and defy societal norms. How do you embrace your experience to thrive in this challenging landscape?

Trust: The Foundation of Relationships

Trust forms the foundation of any successful business relationship. As a woman entrepreneur, earning the trust of your clients, employees, and investors is paramount. By maintaining transparency, delivering on promises, and nurturing genuine connections, you cultivate trust that strengthens your partnerships and opens doors to new opportunities. How do you foster trust in your professional interactions?

Overcoming Challenges: Resilience in Action

In the face of adversity, woman entrepreneurs exhibit remarkable resilience. It is inevitable to encounter setbacks and hurdles along the way. However, it is your ability to bounce back, adapt, and learn from these experiences that distinguishes you as a true leader. How do you turn challenges into stepping stones towards success?

Embracing Collaboration: The Power of Networking

One of the secrets to success for woman entrepreneurs lies in the power of collaboration. By building a supportive network of like-minded individuals, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and opportunities. Through collaboration, you can amplify your impact and achieve more significant results. How do you harness the power of networking to propel your entrepreneurial journey?

1. Glass Ceiling Every woman goes through obstacles in her life before realizing her dream. These “obstacles” or “invisible barriers” that limit the advancement and upward mobility of women in business are called “glass ceilings.

This metaphor means that although it seems that women entrepreneurs are more accepted in the business world and considered equal to their male colleagues, there are several obstacles, including gender prejudices. Gender and social expectations. Lack of access to resources for women entrepreneurs and networks, as well as discriminatory practices within organizations.

2. According to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2023, the global gender pay gap is 23%, meaning women earn on average 77 cents for every dollar men earn. The gender pay gap means that there are income differences between men and women in the labor market. In the business world, it is common for women to be paid less than men for the same work.

Eliminating the gender pay gap requires a multifaceted approach. This includes promoting equal opportunities for women in education and training, combating gender stereotypes, implementing fair and transparent remuneration practices and promoting supportive working cultures.

3. Gender Bias Gender bias refers to the different treatment of men and women. In the business world, women are sometimes considered inferior to men and treated poorly. Statistics show that 35% of women entrepreneurs face gender biases on a daily basis, such as gender stereotypes, glass ceilings, gender pay gaps, unconscious attitudes, etc.

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To reduce gender prejudice it is necessary to create strong awareness and educate men and women about individual rights. When there is no gender bias, everyone in the field has an equal opportunity to demonstrate their innate abilities.

4. Mentoring for women Mentoring is like a training laboratory that guides women on their journey into the world of work. During the mentoring program, a more experienced person, called a mentor, provides advice, knowledge and encouragement to a woman who seeks support in her personal or professional development.

The mentor can be a person who shares his problems, tips and tricks with the mentee. Mentoring for women is especially important because it addresses specific challenges and biases that women may face in different fields or industries. Mentoring can also help women find angel investors, crowdfunding for women entrepreneurs, equity financing and resources for women entrepreneurs.

5. Diversity and inclusion Diversity and inclusion they are two interconnected concepts that promote equal opportunities and create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Diversity is the variety of individual differences and unique characteristics that people bring to a given environment. These differences may include factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, socioeconomic status, etc.

Inclusion refers to the inclusion of all these different types of people and the creation of various policies, including programs for the growth of women entrepreneurs. 

6. Women-Centered Accelerators Women-Centered Accelerators are programs or initiatives specifically designed to support and empower women entrepreneurs in their businesses. These accelerators provide a support ecosystem that addresses the unique challenges and obstacles women face in entrepreneurship.

They create a safe environment where women can share their problems and find solutions. Women-focused accelerators also help other women entrepreneurs in a variety of ways, including: helping them raise capital, providing mentorship opportunities to build confidence, gain valuable knowledge, and navigate the complexities of running a business.

Beyond 8 and Women's Startup Lab, the women's entrepreneurship platform of the Indian Angel Network, are among the best-known women's accelerators in India.

Beyond 8 and Women's Startup Lab, the Indian Angel Network's women's entrepreneurship platform, are among India's best-known women's accelerators.

7. Women-Centered Marketing The marketing strategy and techniques used by companies to target and attract women entrepreneurs are known as women-centered marketing. These companies' strategies include developing marketing campaigns, products and services that meet women's needs, preferences and values.

Women-focused marketing often emphasizes inclusion, empowerment and representation. It recognizes women as decision makers and seeks to empower them by addressing their concerns, promoting their desires and highlighting their achievements. This marketing technique establishes a good relationship with the female target group, demonstrating that you understand their perspectives and priorities.

8. Gender-Equitable Financing As the world advances in knowledge and overcomes barriers, the traditional financial system may not adequately address the specific challenges faced by women and other marginalized genders. Gender-sensitive finance is an approach to the provision of financial services and support that takes into account the specific needs, constraints and opportunities of different genders.

Gender Equitable Finance offers several financial programs for women entrepreneurs in India that focus on inclusivity and enable people of all genders to access and use services financial. This involves designing and implementing financial products, services and policies that eliminate gender inequalities in access to finance, investment opportunities and economic resources.

9. Gender mainstreaming The measure to ensure that all genres are heard equally is called gender mainstreaming. Help eliminate gender inequality and discrimination, promoting equal opportunities and rights for all.

Gender mainstreaming promotes the active participation and representation of women and people with different gender identities in decision-making processes. Its goal is to create inclusive spaces where diverse voices are heard and women and gender diverse people have equal opportunities to contribute to and influence the development of policies and programs.

10 . Women in STEM STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Women working in STEM fields are succeeding in their studies in these fields. When there are more women in these fields, we bring different perspectives, ideas and approaches. This leads to greater creativity, innovation and problem solving.

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