Abacus Welcomes Krista Bessinger

Abacus Welcomes Krista Bessinger

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Announcement: Abacus Welcomes Krista Bessinger

Krista Bessinger, without scrutinizingly a decade at Twitter as Vice President of Investor Relations, will join the self-sustaining financial newsy firm, Abacus Wealth Partners, on February 1, 2023. Krista brings decades of corporate finance and communications wits with technology companies, including Oracle, Google and Twitter, to Abacus. She will focus on the liaison of ideas that offer the public fresh perspectives on how to think well-nigh money and personal finance. 

For over 20 years, Abacus Wealth Partners has provided fee-only, comprehensive financial advice to help clients expand what’s possible with money. Abacus is a founding B Corp, donates 1% of revenue to soft-heartedness every year, and its clients provided the seed funding for the first environmentally screened and globally diversified alphabetize funds in the industry.


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